Samsung Galaxy 5 Wi - fi quits working : "ar6000 vehicle driver falls short to load"

My Galaxy 5 has this trouble for some months currently : wifi quiting working, I attempt to enable it and also the phone claims "Error" with no various other more details. The only means to make it function once more is restarting the phone. I assume this trouble has actually been connected below prior to.

Yet I took care of to conserve the system log and also obtained the adhering to :

08/04/2011 23:01:50 [ERROR] WifiService(166) setWifiEnabledDialog: true
08/04/2011 23:01:50 [ERROR] WifiService(166) ****************setWifiEnabledDialog(), allowWifi****************true
08/04/2011 23:01:50 [INFORMATION] WifiService(166) setShowAccessPointListDialog():true
08/04/2011 23:01:50 [INFORMATION] WifiService(166) setWifiEnabledDialog(): true
08/04/2011 23:01:50 [INFORMATION] wlan_tool(11010) wifi loading 
08/04/2011 23:01:51 [INFORMATION] wlan_tool(11014) Driver is initialized. load it 
08/04/2011 23:01:51 [INFORMATION] wlan_tool(11021) ar6000 driver fails to load 
08/04/2011 23:01:51 [INFORMATION] wlan_tool(11029) wifi unloading 

I'm attempting to recognize what is taking place below. Just what is ar6000? Possibly the network user interface? Just how can I get even more details concerning the mistake itself?

I have currently uninstalled virtually any kind of application that can transform the wifi actions, and also the trouble lingers. Juice Defender is still mounted, yet the trouble currently existed prior to I first mounted it.

2019-12-02 02:59:24
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