How to on Ubuntu numerous - desktop have applications stay their popups localised

I've set up my Ubuntu desktop (Gnome/Compiz) to have 9 digital desktop computers so I can maintain my open applications arranged. Nonetheless, I've seen that as an example when Eclipse is downloading/installing plugins and also I switch over away to work with an additional desktop in the meanwhile, Eclipse turns up it is dialogs on the existing energetic desktop, not the desktop it was released on. Various other applications appear to act in a similar way.

Just how do I make released applications to constrict their popups and also dialog to the desktop they where released on?

2019-12-02 02:59:28
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You write a far better window supervisor?

Regretfully, however, I assume this could merely be just one of those weapon+foot attribute communication concerns. I make use of Gnome/Openbox, and also I have the very same trouble. I additionally take place to recognize a little little bit concerning just how wm :s job, so I feel great this is a blooper in between popups showing up along with their moms and dads, and also what takes place when a window is mapped/unmapped. (shown/not revealed (for whatever factor, in contrast to iconify, various other virtscreen, or whatever))

I would certainly enjoy to be confirmed incorrect, yet I assume this can in fact be an actually bass - ackwards point for the wm to address, calling for rather shocking and also questionable hoax.

2019-12-03 02:25:50