How can you publish a ClickOnce application via CruiseControl.NET?

I have CruiseControl.NET Version 1.4 set up on my growth web server. Whenever a programmer sign in code, it makes a compile.

Currently we go to an area where we can start offering our application to the testers. We would certainly such as to make use of ClickOnce to disperse the application, with the suggestion being that when a tester mosts likely to examine the application, they have the most up to date construct.

I can not locate a means to make that occur with CruiseControl.NET. We are making use of MSBUILD to execute the builds.

2019-12-02 02:59:42
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You intend to make use of the ClickOnce reveal generation jobs in msbuild. The procedure is a little lengthy weary, so I am simply mosting likely to aim you to a number of web links. Below is the reference on msdn and also a sample article to with any luck get you began.

2019-12-03 01:07:56

We've done this and also can offer you some reminders to start.

2 points you need to recognize :

  • MSBuild can create the essential release apply for you.
  • MSBuild will not release the documents to the FTP or UNC share. You'll require a different action for this.

To make use of MSBuild to create the ClickOnce shows up, below is the command you'll require to release :

msbuild /target:publish /p:Configuration=Release /p:Platform=AnyCPU; "c:\yourProject.csproj"

That will certainly inform MSBuild to construct your task and also create ClickOnce release documents inside the bin\Release\YourProject.publish directory site.

All that is left is to replicate those documents to the FTP/UNC share/wherever, and also you are ready.

You can inform CruiseControl.NET to construct making use of those MSBuild parameters.

You'll after that require a CruiseControl.NET construct job to take the created release documents and also replicate them to the FTP or UNC share. We make use of a personalized little C# console program for this, yet you can equally as conveniently make use of a Powershell manuscript.

2019-12-03 01:05:25