Default Music Player arbitrarily playing while earphones are connected in

This is INCREDIBLY aggravating. While paying attention to songs, the earphone will certainly in some way cause a disconnect occasion (the link hangs and also really negative evidently). The default gamer will certainly start to play, and also occasionally it will certainly simply maintain playing and also stopping swiftly. Occasionally, Pandora will certainly additionally frequently play and also stop songs. This is so irritating it makes me simply intend to wreck my phone to items for the scrap it is. What can be done? I have actually made use of this answer here, yet it does not deal with the trouble while playing songs.

The only means I can want to presently pay attention to songs on my phone is to see to it the link from the earphone (any kind of earphone) isn't interrupted. My phone primarily does not play songs well in all anymore which suggests say goodbye to Pandora/internet radio.

What can/should I do? I am making use of a Droid X with the most up to date upgrade 2.3.3. I think this trouble has actually been taking place for some time. I acquired the phone in October and also it functioned without this sort of trouble for around 2 - 4 months.

Am I the just one with this bug?

2019-12-02 02:59:50
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