How do I configure my AWS instance to offer a remote desktop computer so I can make use of Windows terminal solutions to access it?

My bad strategy is to offer rdp from an AWS ubuntu instance so I can have an irreversible xubuntu desktop computer as I stroll from windows computer system to windows computer system (or any kind of computer system actually). It is as very easy as running mstsc - v aws.public.url .

Just how, via, ssh, can I have the instance offer a remote desktop computer?

2019-12-02 02:59:58
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I do not find out about running an rds - suitable solution, yet if you can not locate one, VNC needs to fulfill your demands - simply install a VNC web server on AWS, and also a VNC customer on the home windows equipments. See as an example this VNC discussion

2019-12-03 05:00:31

Note : This solution is currently obsoleted :

  • xrdp no more requires tightvnc for 11.04. possibly 10.10 also
    • so, no demand to install tightvnc, simply install xrpd
    • so, additionally, the constraint on 64bit equipments is raised

Thanks to nealmcb's answer and also adhering to the tightvnc+xrdp conversation, I've obtained it functioning below is my full checklist of jobs to set up an mstsc - v able aws :

Xubuntu not Ubuntu Desktop

I initially attempted an ubuntu desktop computer, yet with a mini instance, the gui performance was also slow-moving, switching over to xubuntu offers a sensibly receptive remote desktop computer

AWS Setup

  1. Create a Key Pair (conserve as a.pem documents to neighborhood equipment)
  2. Modify Default Security Group, add RDP, tcp, 3389, 3389, 0
  3. Create AWS instance : Canonical ami - 508c7839
    • (i386 vital as a result of 64 bug in tightvnc)
    • utilize this for the customer information area


apt_update: true
apt_upgrade: true
 - xubuntu-desktop
 - indicator-applet-session
 - gnome-themes-selected
 - tightvncserver
 - xrdp

SSH accessibility on home windows

  1. download and install putty and also puttygen
  2. with puttygen : create a.ppk from the.pem
  3. putty awc.public.url , ssh auth with.ppk documents

Server Setup

You could need to await the xubuntu - desktop computer apt - reach end up prior to the xrdp.ini is readily available.

sudo vim /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini
# remove the entries below the xrdp1 block
sudo adduser me
sudo addgroup me admin

currently I can mstsc - v aws.public.url right into the aws.

D Keystroke Problem

  • System - > Preferences - > Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Change Show Desktop Shortcut from D to alt - D

Thanks to the list below sources :

AWS Install Guide

Xubuntu AWS Install Guide


TightVNC 1.3.9 64bit Issues

RDP D key Problem

Fast Switch Applet Problem

2019-12-03 01:01:27