OS X Terminal "must have" utilities

I've simply read with satisfaction, and also found out a whole lot from these inquiries :

But I really did not locate in these several of my faves devices, which I make use of on a day-to-day basis , and also I assume that is due to the fact that these are OSX/Terminal desired devices , not suitable well in above inquiries.

My faves are, by order of choice : oh-my-zsh, homebrew (yet additionally macports), janus ...

These devices sharing :

  • Terminal : install and also make use of
  • OSX Intended : brew is, git is not!
  • Easy Install : one lining, ie. git clone ; wget ... etc
  • Extensible : perhaps has expansions or straightforward API (eg. oh - my - zsh with plugins, make with solutions, janus with packed strength plugins ...)
  • Often open resource, free, organized on github, scripted, primarily (yet not just!) with ruby ...

Do you recognize any kind of various other comparable must - have devices? I would certainly enjoy to uncover new ones!

Please just include one energy per solution. Additionally, please do not add matches. Examine first prior to uploading. If you see a replicate, kindly downvote the solution and also educate the writer by leaving a comment.

2019-12-02 03:00:02
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Answers: 3

Solarized (Free)

Color system for Terminal.

Lion sustains ANSI shades so hack - y points like SIMBL are no more called for.

For Snow Leopard and also earlier, you'll require SIMBL mounted to take advantage of it given that shade assistance in Terminal.app is restricted.

2019-12-03 02:24:57


is an intriguing energy. It defines itself as :

a system - vast terminal on a warm - key

Quite cool. It falls a terminal on journalism of a key - mix.


Visor has actually been relabelled to TotalTerminal ... (see various other solution, this could/should be removed)

2019-12-03 02:24:31

Ack (Free)

Great for looking message documents, you'll never ever need to make use of a find/grep mix once more.

Ack has 2 wonderful assimilation plugins for significant OSX full-screen editor :

2019-12-03 02:23:03