Word docs opened/downloaded using IE can not establish proper inscribing when they have embedd photos

This trouble just raises its hideous head when opening/receiving making use of a variation of Internet Explorer. Firefox, Safari and also Chrome all job flawlessly.

When a Word doc which contains ingrained graphics (like screenshots) is opened up in IE, a dialog box asking to pick the proper encoding shows up and also NONE of the readily available alternatives deals with the message in the record. The photos present great, yet all message is garbled past acknowledgment.

Word docs that do not have photos come via penalty. If the documents is especially downloaded and install after that opened up from the desktop computer, the trouble still exists. Any kind of suggestions just how to get these docs to act in IE? I have actually been looking to locate any kind of comparable concerns and also resolutions yet have actually shown up vacant. I would certainly assume there were header concerns other than it functions penalty in various other internet browsers, and also various other docs without photos additionally function penalty.

2019-12-02 03:00:08
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