SIM setups symbol constantly on alert bar

I acquired an imported HTC Desire concerning 6 months earlier and also place my New Zealand Vodafone SIM in it. When I start up the phone, there is absolutely nothing in the noticication bar as you would certainly anticipate. After that, after a call is made or information link launches, a symbol shows up that resembles a SIM card with a gear alongside it. I think it is something to do with SIM setups. When I drag the alert bar down and also click it, absolutely nothing takes place.

It is not a large bargain, yet I would love to remove it if I can!

Do not recognize if it matters, yet given that I updated to Gingerbread, a lot of the symbols in the alert bar are grey as opposed to white, yet this set has actually continued to be white.

The phone is running the main HTC Desire Gingerbread upgrade - Android 2.3.3.

Update : Photos of the symbol :

2019-12-02 03:00:18
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That is the SD card symbol not the sim card symbol.

Probably your phone does not acknowledge the SD card, or the card requires reformatting to be made use of with the phone.

Or you do not have an SD card put.


After more research :

That symbol is called "stat_notify_sim_toolkit. " It is made use of in simply 2 areas, both approaches inside :

notifyMediaUnmounted () notifyMeadiaChecking ()

Tracing these approaches in reverse, I see that the MountService calls them when either :

1) a quantity is identified as not placed 2) it is examining to see if a quantity is placed

Num. 2 need to just take a couple of secs at lengthiest.

So, "something" is not placed effectively, though I can not assure that is the SIM that is having a trouble.

You need to remove and also re - insert all plugable things (SIM, SD).

An additional alternative advises :

setups > applications > take care of applications > SIM Toolkit > Select Force Stop switch

If this got rid of the symbol 'momentarily' at the very least it validates it is a SIM trouble and also not SD.


Someone has actually an advised remedy for NON - ROOTED phone is below : (I can not validate this method as I have not examined it)

SimCard Notification Icon Fix

For rooted phones merely make use of Titanium Backup and also FREEZE the application : Sim Toolkit

2019-12-04 04:13:51