Automatically create events in Google Calendar from exterior resource

When something takes place on my Linux web server (reduced disk room, troubles, etc) I would love to recognize just how can to instantly access Google Calendar and also create an occasion in a details schedule.

Is this feasible?

2019-12-02 03:00:23
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Depending upon what language you fit with, Google's calendar API feels like the most effective means to go.

All you would certainly need to do have a executable manuscript in your recommended language (Python, PHP, Java), implement verification making use of the API and also create occasion.

I would possibly run the manuscript as a cron work too.

2019-12-03 01:39:24


Using Google Calendar is API with JSON - C or ATOM appears to be a tidy means to add events to your schedule. You might need to check out just how the verification is refined, yet the JSON code can be as straightforward as the adhering to :

POST /calendar/feeds/default/private/full HTTP/1.1
Authorization: ... 
Content-Type: application/json
GData-Version: 2.0 
Content-Length: 233

 "data": {
   "title": "Tennis with Beth",
   "details": "Meet for a quick lesson.",
   "transparency": "opaque",
   "status": "confirmed",
   "location": "Rolling Lawn Courts",
   "when": [
       "start": "2010-04-17T15:00:00.000Z",
       "end": "2010-04-17T17:00:00.000Z"

Here is the blog post that will certainly aid you to do simply that.

2019-12-03 01:38:36