Problem running z4root on Galaxy S GT - I9000

I mounted Z4root on my Galaxy S (the original, not the S II) after reviewing this post, making use of the APK documents affixed to the blog post (can not locate it in market). The string leads me to think that the procedure is as straightforward as mounting, switching over USB debugging on and also pushing the origin switch. Not in my instance.

Outcomes :

  1. First time, the application really did not get better than the "running origin exploit" message (waited 30+minutes)
  2. After restarting the phone out of anxiety, when I push the irreversible origin switch it obtains as much as the "acquiring origin shell" message and also the application either simply goes away (without outcomes) or the application quits working and also I get the pressure close window.

I've attempted this sometimes with reboots in between, both connected in and also unplugged and also no various outcomes. Do later on SGS versions have some anti - origin hax constructed right into them? Have I missed out on something noticeable concerning the procedure?

Bonus details :

  • The phone does not have 3 switch recuperation setting
  • The writer of the application asserts to be from the very same nation as me, and also his phone is additionally SGS running Froyo. If we are cursed with unusual "international" equipment I would certainly've anticipated the very same to take place to him.
  • The string speaks about a superuser application being mounted after the phone restarts. I currently had actually Superuser mounted (yet never ever had the ability to utilize it due to the fact that I have not efficiently rooted ever before). I uninstalled the application and also attempted z4root once more, yet absolutely nothing various took place.
  • The string recommends making use of adb logcat to get debugging details, yet logcat spews a countless stream of details that is a lot longer than the instances I've seen in the string (enough time that my incurable barrier sheds the leading details prior to it ends up). What I can see does not feel like it relates to z4root.
2019-12-02 03:00:27
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That had not been benefiting me neither, yet when I attempted the SuperOneClick it functioned flawlessly and also really secure, yet you will certainly require to make use of a COMPUTER to do it.

2019-12-04 04:28:11

If you've obtained a Galaxy S without a 3 - switch - recuperation setting, have you checked into making or acquiring a download setting jig? See this blog post for instructions on making one, or there are a couple of vendors that equip them rather inexpensively.

2019-12-03 03:01:31