I fell short to securely eject my USB drive and also shed information ...just how do I get it back?

I need to confess I really did not "Safetly Eject", yet I have actually done this a million times ... what offers, and also just how do I get my information back ??

2019-12-02 03:00:36
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Building on what aking claimed :

First points first, get a little bit - for - little bit duplicate of your USB key that you can work with. Working with the USB key straight will likely make points even worse.

To make the duplicate insert the key and also note what tool it looks like in dmesg (it will certainly be something like/ dev/sd [bcdefg ... ] ). You can after that replicate the entire photo making use of dd :

dd if=/dev/sdX of=mybrokenusbkey.img

You can after that jab the photo documents with numerous recuperation devices to see if you can get the information off. I would certainly install "testdisk" and also usage that to see if the information is recoverable.

testdisk mybrokenusbkey.img

The testdisk plan features a specialized device called photorec which is tailored in the direction of locating images. It has a pretty good success price also if the filesystem framework is rather hosed. It relies upon the reality that the majority of gently made use of memory tools store documents in consecutive blocks.

Nonetheless whatever you do don't attempt playing straight with the USB save for making the first duplicate of the information.

2019-12-03 04:56:30

Some excellent sources on recouping information :

There are additionally numerous real-time circulations that are experts in forensics and also data recovery. SystemRescueCD is yet one. In your instance, you possibly will not require it given that it is simply a usb key, yet if it was a disk drive after that you could intend to maintain a duplicate convenient.

Best of good luck!

2019-12-03 04:34:18

Ubuntu does not "randomly format" drives, so you can make your inquiry a little bit much less significant ...

Unplugging a tool with a documents system on it without unmounting it is assured to create troubles one way or another, and also if you are making use of a FAT filesystem on it, it will not conveniently "repair" itself like ext4 or NTFS would certainly. Yet we do not recognize what the specific source of your trouble remains in this instance.

It could be valuable to search in your log documents (dmesg, syslog, etc) to see if there are any kind of mistake messages when you connect in the USB memory stick.

If you see read mistakes, after that possibly something is incorrect with the hardware, and also you intend to make use of something like ddrescue or gddrescue to make an as - excellent - as - feasible photo of the flash drive.

If there are no read mistakes, it is possibly "only" the filesystem that obtained damaged. You can make use of a straightforward dd to make a photo after that. After making a back-up photo, you can attempt to deal with the filesystem with fsck and also see if that revives all the documents you require.

In instance there are hardware troubles, or a straightforward fsck does not address the trouble, you can attempt making use of devices like photorec on a disk photo (which can recoup not just graphics documents yet additionally a great deal of various other record layouts).

2019-12-03 04:30:33