Disable closure yet leave Reboot made it possible for - Windows Server

I'm considering offering my customers the capacity to reboot their digital equipments yet no power them off. GPO does permit me to remove the closure yet this after that conceals the reboot alternative also.

If this isn't feasible, just how do you take care of individuals powering off their digital equipments mistakenly? (Exclude the reality that I'm allowing individuals handle their very own equipments, I'm IT for 90+customers throughout 5 nations by myself so need to reduce some edge)

2019-12-02 03:00:55
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have you taken into consideration making use of the Self Service internet user interface for VMM? This need to offer your customers the capacity to power equipments on and also off, you can after that leave them with the capacity to shut down the equipment given that they will certainly keep the capacity to transform them back on if they botch.

At the same time, a straightforward application/script on the desktop computer that calls closure/ r itself might be adequate

2019-12-03 02:54:50