Can Google is Voice Actions be begun by voice?

I enjoy Google's Voice Actions! It allows me pay attention to a track of my selection by merely claiming "Listen to <song name>".

Trouble is ... I can not locate any kind of means to start Voice Actions itself by voice. I have to touch the screen in order to start it.

So, my inquiry is 2 - layer :

  1. Is there a means to start Voice Actions by voice? (or without needing to touch the screen)
  2. If there isn't, what sort of a remedy or workaround can you recommend for a blind individual?

As an example, some phones have just one responsive switch (apart from the power switch, certainly) - - the trackball. Is it feasible to set that trackball to start Voice Actions when pushed enough time?

2019-12-02 03:01:00
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Answers: 2

if your phone has tough keys you can start gap by holding back the search key (do not need to touch the screen).

2019-12-03 04:56:38
  1. Not that I'm mindful of. Probably you can create an application that paid attention to the mic regularly and also caused it (voice search) on a particular expression, yet as voice to message is done "in the cloud" it would certainly call for a massive quantity of information to go back and also forth to complete this. One shudders to consider the effects on non - endless information strategies, as well as what it would certainly do to your battery life.

  2. Several phones launch voice serach when you push the switch on a bluetooth headset. YMMV, attempt attaching a bluetooth headset and also see what takes place when you push the switch.

another forum thread about launching search from a headset

2019-12-03 04:56:14