Syntax for the convergence of arbitrary variables

Can any person clarify the syntax from the adhering to Wikipedia write-up on the convergence of random variables?


  1. What is the squiggly line?
  2. What are $d$, $D$, $L$, $L_X$?
  3. Why does it claim $X_n$ indicates X? They do not appear to be declarations
2019-05-04 17:50:03
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Answers: 1

All of these expressions are simply symbols for "X_n merges to $X$ in circulation".

  1. The squiggly line is actually simply a notation (an instead weird one) for merging in circulation.

  2. The icons $d$ and also $\mathcal D$ represent circulation , $\mathcal L$ and also $\mathcal L_X$ represent regulation . (One additionally mentions "merging in regulation" as opposed to "merging in circulation".

  3. This is additionally simply a notation for merging in circulation (additionally an instead weird one) ; the arrowhead does not signify an effects of declarations.

2019-05-08 02:21:04