Remove readmore titles from joomla

How can I remove the write-up title from the readmore link in Joomla?
I do not have sh404SEF.

<?php if ($this->item->readmore_register) :
        echo JText::_('Register to read more...');
    elseif ($readmore = $this->item->params->get('readmore')) :
        echo $readmore;
    else :
        echo JText::sprintf('Read more', $this->escape($this->item->title));

    endif; ?>

Change this regulation :

echo JText::sprintf('Read more', $this->escape($this->item->title));

To :

echo 'Read More';

Is additionally not corrent due to the fact that it is not multilangual.

Any person recognizes the remedy?

2019-12-02 03:01:13
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Thanks yet that is currently benefiting me, I located this remedy :


echo JText::sprintf('Read more', $this->escape($this->item->title));  


echo JText::_('READ MORE');  

And you can transform the message in language/nl - _ content.ini and also the various other languages also
simply look for found out more

2019-12-03 04:33:18

In short, adjustment

echo JText::sprintf('Read more', $this->escape($this->item->title));


echo JText::sprintf('Read more...');

Note : that is not Joomla 1.5 default practices, so i presume you are obtaining that practices from the details layout you are making use of. You can validate this by mosting likely to the Template Manager in backend and also transforming your default layout to "rhuk_milkyway". To transform layout result, you can check into folder/ layouts/ [your layout ]/ html/com _ content/category (or .../ frontpage, or .../ area) for the documents to modify.

2019-12-03 00:46:24