Keyboard faster way for developing a new folder or submit? (Windows)

Does any person recognize if there is a keyboard faster way equivilant to the appropriate click - > New context food selection in traveler?

Considered that I believe that there isn't, does any person recognize of a traveler expansion that supplies something comparable? It would certainly be wonderful to have a key mix that produced an intellisense design dropdown (or comparable) of the readily available documents kinds!

2019-12-02 03:01:18
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The "simple way" :

Using the Keyboard Accelerator Keys

You can make use of the key-board accelerator keys : Alt+F to raise the documents food selection, and afterwards W for the New food selection, and afterwards F for new folder. So your faster way key series winds up being F+W+F with the Alt key held back. (Try it out)

Note : this mix relies on the language of your Windows system.

Different means 1 :

Create your own shortcut like

Script you need to warm key :

NOTE : "Display complete course in title bar" have to be signed in "folder options" of Windows Explorer.

^ N : : WinGetActiveTitle aTitle InputBox, FolderName, Create New Folder, What would certainly you such as to call the folder?,

FileCreateDir %aTitle% \% FolderName%

MsgBox "% FolderName% " has actually been developed in "% aTitle% ". Return

Alternative means 2 :

mdAxelerator v1.0 (~26k)

It makes it possible for specifying the faster way key for developing new folder and also implementing to transform a few other "create new folder" practices like default new folder name. This variation functions just with 2k/xp/2k3 (no nt 4.0 and also 9x - sorry).

There are some valuable attributes included like vehicle become part of simply developed folder.

Download link

2019-12-03 04:37:06

CtrlShiftN develops a new folder in Windows 7.

You can make use of the type in the context food selection :

Menu" N" F

Or with the mouse :

Right - click" N" F

2019-12-03 04:33:38