what is my individual information storage in contrast to program storage and also just how can I lower it?

I am making use of Android 2.2, samsung galaxy tablet computer. When I consider job supervisor, recap it detail 4 sorts of storage
1. program mine is 1.1/ 1.5 gb complete
2. individual information 59.35/ 81.26 megabytes
3. inner sd storage 10/ 12.8 gb
3. exterior sd storage 13.7/ 14.83 gb

It is 2. individual information that is offering me problem. For several weeks it mored than 70 Megabytes/ 81.26 megabytes and also I was obtaining cautions concerning my data source storage being virtually complete. Sometimes the phone would certainly reduce or crash, mp3s would certainly not play efficiently and also SMS could not be obtained. Clearing up phone logs and also messages and also programs I really did not make use of much etc just aided for a really brief while.

When I consider major food selection, applications, take care of applications, running - it claims my calendar storage is 180 kb calls storage 0.98 MEGABYTES maps 10.49 megabytes facebook 5.7 megabytes yahoo mail 4 megabytes Are these numbers pertinent? The large one in this checklist is media storage 53.0 megabytes (I have far more than that in my inner SD storage in several tiny documents, yet removing 4000 of them really did not transform my individual information storage also after a reboot).

For the last couple of days my individual information storage has remained simply under 60 megabytes and also is not offering troubles, yet I'm not exactly sure what is various today and also What does the individual information storage contain and also where is/was the almost all of my trouble originating from? I additionally keep in mind that when I reboot the phone the media scanner runs and also takes for life and also reduces the phone. This recently I have actually simply seen that when it is virtually completed my individual information storage leaps to over 70 and also I get cautions once more. Yet it returns to concerning 59/ 81 after a couple of minutes.
Is the quantity of individual information storage I am making use of greater than common? Many thanks for any kind of aid.

2019-12-02 03:01:38
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Program storage is the quantity of room occupied by the real application, i.e. the APK dimension, individual information storage is the room occupied by your individual information. I.e. if you have a to - do checklist program it would likely create a data source and also all the to - do are included in the data source which would certainly occupy individual information storage room.

The only means to lower individual information storage is to clear the application information, yet this will certainly delete all your individual information for the application, i.e. setups and also based upon the instance most importantly of your to - do's.

What I often tend to do is most likely to setups > applications > take care of applications and afterwards most likely to the all tab. After that on the food selection most likely to type by dimension and also clear several of the applications near the top that take one of the most amount of dimension that aren't a large bargain if I shed the information. Google Maps is generally one that takes a great deal of individual information storage room.

Hope this aids

2019-12-03 02:24:10