Looking for a GUI Subversion customer for iOS

I'm seeking an iOS application, ideally for apple iphone, that can surf Subversion databases.

I have actually located a couple of on the iTunes store bdsh Code Viewer, iVersions, iRepoEditor bdsh yet testimonials are either non - current or turn extremely from one to 5 star. All I'm seeking is a means to watch guaranteed databases and also duplicate web content out of the documents. I do not require to do editing and enhancing or succeeding check - ins. Syntax tinting would certainly behave, yet not essential. I'm not seeking a best - do - every little thing - under - the - sunlight below, simply something that is trusted sufficient to make use of while when traveling for a glance at the most up to date task model below or there.

Does any person have any kind of experience with any one of them, and also what were your impacts?

UPGRADE : Even though no person has actually addressed the details inquiry, I've still obtained some wonderful responses that I assume can be valuable. Based upon the feedbacks, below are a pair points that I assume will certainly aid lead edits ...

  • The database is saved on a 3rd - event SVN organizing website, projectlocker.com I'm not exactly sure there is a means for me to SSH in to their web servers, yet they do make use of Trac as component of their organizing plan.
  • The imputes for doing this originates from my utilizing my svn database to store and also handle my research and also handouts for class, as well as additionally for addressing inquiries concerning job tasks in conferences. So, I'm seeking a reasonably very easy means to accessibility these records in a pinch if demand be.
  • I am open to alternatives beyond merely obtaining an application that can read SVN databases as long as the choice is reasonably very easy. I make use of a GUI SVN customer for a factor. ; -)
2019-12-02 03:01:39
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Excuse me for not addressing your inquiry, yet IMHO it is much better and also extra durable to adhere to the growth using internet, not using application.

You need to have the ability to read the entire repository using http/https if your SVN is organized using the apache svn module.

An additional wonderful means to check adjustments is to make use of some internet - based frontend, which adheres to repository adjustments. A wonderful device (which I make use of and also advise) is Trac.

2019-12-03 00:48:46

Just to toss some choices to the checklist, Beanstalk (they additionally have a comparable "free" strategy), appears to have a number of applications that permit you to access the entire solution and also see your repos :

  1. MagicBean

  2. Habichuelas

I am, nonetheless, not totally certain if you can surf the SVN documents : (

2019-12-03 00:38:49