Does size extension influence the Y axis in the Nether?

It is recognized that taking a trip one block in the Nether amounts taking a trip 8 blocks in the real life, and also I can validate that along the X and also Z axes by constructing 4 sites : 2 in the Nether and also 2 in the real life.

Yet I can not appear to affirm the size extension from the Nether to the real life along the Y axis (elevation).

That is, if I construct the adhering to sites :

  • Nether :
    • Portal 1 at n elevation
    • Portal 2 at n - 8 elevation
  • Real globe :
    • Portal 3 at m elevation
    • Portal 4 at m - 64 elevation

I anticipate Portal 1 and also 3 to link while site 2 and also 4 needs to link. Yet in my screening, if I make use of portal 1 or 2, they bring about portal 3, and also if I make use of portal 3 or 4, they bring about site 2.

Exists any kind of proof bdsh in the kind of a video clip, a globe conserve documents, or notch bdsh that nether block amounts to 8 real life obstructs along the Y axis? I'm attempting to establish if my mistake remains in estimation or if it remains in implementation.

    │      XYZ reference system
    └───X  for this question.
2019-12-02 03:01:44
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I do not assume it'll function in this way. I constructed a portal numerous blocks over 2 of my various other sites in the nether, yet when I tipped through, I had to do with 2 loads meters listed below water level. My various other sites were numerous meters over water level. I do not recognize what the specific formula is for positioning the sites, yet I can inform you that nether sites will not always link to the anticipated site in the real life if there is greater than one in an offered location.

2019-12-03 04:58:08