What is the distinction in between the 5 Samsung Vibrant versions?

I have a T - Mobile Galaxy S Vibrant, which has the Samsung version number SGH - T959. Nonetheless, Samsung is download page has 5 various below - versions : SGH - T959ZKATMB (seems the "default"), SGH - T959ZKDTMB, SGH - T959ZKMTMB, SGH - T959ZKBTMB, and also SGH - T959ZKBTMK. The only distinction in the downloads is that the ZKBTMK does not have any kind of guidebooks or guidelines. In addition to that, all the documents are dated the very same throughout all 5 variations.

What are the distinctions in between these phones? And also just how can I inform which one my tool is?

2019-12-02 03:01:51
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