tun.ko for Samsung Intercept/Stock Froyo

I have a Samsung Intercept, running the VM supply photo of Froyo. I'm attempting to get OpenVpn working on it. The phone is rooted, and also I have OpenVpn and also the gui from the industry working on it, and also running openvpn from the command line reveals its attaching up, confirming, yet there IS no tun.ko. The numerous I've located on the net that assert to work with an Intercept yet do not . When attempting to insmod every one of these I get a mistake showing kernel component was constructed for an "ARMv7" vs "ARMv6". Any person have an tun.ko for an Intercept OR conversely a link to a howto on structure Android kernels/kernel components on Linux? I'm fairly accustomed to just how to do that on Linux, yet unaware on doing a crossplatform improve Linux.

Many thanks Dave

2019-12-02 03:01:56
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CyanogenMod 6 is Froyo, and also ships with OpenVPN assistance for ARMv6 phones, such as my HTC Magic.

If absolutely nothing else you can unbox the update.zip they provide, locate the tun.ko vehicle driver, and also push it to your phone using adb.

2019-12-03 04:34:58