Only usage pattern lock as opposed to swipe screen and also pattern lock

On my first Android phone, the Droid (running supply Android OS), when the pattern lock was made it possible for, that would certainly be the only lock screen I existed with when activating the screen.

Currently I'm making use of a Droid 3 and also it has a "2 - stage" lock screen when the pattern lock is made it possible for. So when I activate the screen, I need to first swipe to unlock and afterwards enter the take after that. Exists any kind of means to return to the initial Droid experience of a solitary lock screen, despite having the pattern lock made it possible for?

2019-12-02 03:02:09
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Without rooting, etc there is no other way on the Droid 3 to return to the Droid 1 lockscreen experience. Motorola and also their discussion forum customers advise making use of a lock timer so you do not need to make use of the pattern every single time.

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2019-12-03 01:26:44