Sitemap change frequency

I'm sitemapping all my discussion forum subjects. It functions wonderful :


However, with change frequency, this entirely relies on how much time ago the last reply was. Is it ok, to dynamically create these values, or should I leave this XML tag out entirely? IE, I was intending on doing :

If last reply day was :

< 1 hour ago = always
< 1 day ago = hourly
< 1 week ago = daily
< 4 weeks ago = weekly
< 12 months ago = monthly
else yearly

Thanks for any kind of pointers!

2019-12-02 03:02:10
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I leave it out. It does not actually supply Google or any kind of various other internet search engine anything valuable and also with vibrant web pages its actual value is mosting likely to differ extremely which value will hardly ever be proper.

Yet I like your strategy. If you feel it is essential to include it that could not be a negative means to do it. Or you can actually go above and beyond and also identify the time in between one of the most current comment and also the one 10 remarks prior to it and also make use of the ordinary time in between remarks as your value. It would certainly be extra exact yet still rarely valuable.

2019-12-03 04:36:27