Is it a negative suggestion to advertise your website via pertinent blog is by commenting?

I've looked the net and also had not been able to locate a strong response to this. Is it inadequate technique to choose blog sites that relate to your website, and also blog post comments pertinent to the certain post, in order to obtain backlinks?

As an example, if my website was called "", or "The Ant Farm Specialists" and also I uploaded talk about pertinent blog sites making use of the name The Ant Farm Specialists and also as the internet site URL, will Google punish my website? Or is it valuable, as I initially assumed? I'm not spamming blog sites, yet instead adding smart comments to their post. Ideas?

2019-12-02 03:02:12
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That is flawlessly great to do as long as your comments are thoughtful and also add to the conversation. Or else you are simply a spammer.

Google will not punish these web links yet remember that the majority of blog sites make use of nofollow on their web links as a result of spammers and also customers that leave comments just for the backlinks. So this approach will not get you really much unless you take place to locate an incredible quantity of blog sites in your sector that do not make use of nofollow. I would certainly be surprised if you did.

In addition, if adequate blog proprietors note your comments as spam Akismet will certainly begin to flag every one of your comments as spam and afterwards also when you do leave a reputable comment it will not ever before be seen due to the fact that it will certainly be flagged as spam prior to it also reaches their comment line up.

On a non - seo front this might be excellent to do as people might adhere to those web links and also locate your website.

2019-12-03 04:39:29

If nofollow is activated web links in the comment will not matter. If you attempt placing your website name and also link in the body of your comment prepare to get struck by the spam stick.

2019-12-03 04:32:04