GPLed Library (EXT JS) Licensing Issue

Good Day Everyone,

I am realy out of alternative for analyzing the GPL for EXTJS for my work/idea/personal task. I can see that this is an energetic discussion forum I realy hope, I have a closure on this.

First allow me clarify my task, Iam developing this internet site which resembles a webportal which is intented for End - User, currently this webapps makes use of an EXTJS collection which is GPL' ed similar to my understanding on this GPL Any application makes use of GPL certificate libray need to be launched to as Open Source a a GPL suitable Linsence, this is when I or my application is a derivework or I have actually changed the Library and also launched it. or destribute it.

Yet EXTJS has this twin certificate which is commonly offering me the civil liberties to do what I desire. without handing out my code.

If my application is intented for end customer just, not an acquire kind of job, not a collection, not a growth device, I will certainly not disperse it due to the fact that it gets on the internet. with this additionally the Libraries i will certainly make use of will certainly continue to be untouch as it is. and also I will have checklist of collection I make use of and also thier corresponding certificate to attribute them

Given this can I not close - resource my application and also not go against the GPL? is it ok for me to make use of GPL collection as long as the above is fulfill?

The inquiry basically is can i made use of GPL' ed Library, do not launched my code as OPensource suitable License and also still NOT go against the GPL' ed terms?

Many thanks beforehand

Nick Ace

2019-12-02 03:02:22
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Based on the letter of the GPL, you might be appropriate in analyzing that it is feasible to make use of Ext without launching any kind of code, relying on the conditions.

Nonetheless, there is additionally something as the intent of individuals that make it. In your area, I would certainly send by mail licensing and also inquire this inquiry. If you do not like their solution, make use of a various collection. Dojo, YUI and also a lots of various other libraries are readily available under even more liberal licenses, so you have a lots of alternatives.

If you assume that Ext JS is an action up from those various other libraries, and also the individuals at Sencha desire you to spend for it, after that the straightforward point to do is to spend for it. Excellent items are entitled to earning money for if their writers desire that.

2019-12-03 04:34:26