My website maintains obtaining denied by a crawler with vacant factor & information

My website entry to Adsense maintains obtaining denied by Google crawler within a hr with empty factor and also information (my first entry on Sunday, this moment). When I elevated it in Adsense discussion forum, they have me sent by mail factor - website was down or unavailable.

I sent a number of times given that Sunday yet it obtains denied. Very first time my website was denied as a result of navigational concerns which I dealt with. 2nd time came "Unacceptable contet". I after that included Privacy plan & TOS.

Currently all various other advertising and marketing firms have actually approved my website consisting of Citika & Adbrite. What should I do currently? I've an additional website showing up for authorization in Adsense. Should I use from my papa is name?

Denial message :

We did not accept your application for the factors listed here.

Concerns :

Further information :

2019-12-02 03:02:23
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Did you read Google Adsense Policies? Otherwise, go read them and also attempt to identify if your website is breaching their plans, if they've sent you "Unacceptable content" as denial reason, you need to assess and also change your web content. Adsense Policies

If your internet site is not created in english, is your internet site language sustained by Adsense? Adsense supported languages

2019-12-03 03:01:24