Getting words matter of a pdf record in Evince

Is there any kind of means I can get words matter of a PDF record that I'm watching in Evince, Ubuntu is default pdf visitor? I'm able to transform the records to message documents and also get words matter from the terminal, yet I would certainly fairly such as to be able to promptly access them without needing to make use of the terminal. Exists any kind of plugin that can do this, or is it currently constructed in and also I'm simply missing it?

P.S. I would certainly favor not to transform my visitor as Evince is the default PDF visitor in Ubuntu, and also I would certainly fairly such as to do as high as feasible making use of the default applications given that a great deal of them, Evince consisted of, are actually wonderful.

2019-12-02 03:02:39
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A feedback from Olaf Leidinger on the Evince newsletter :

I assume such an attribute is much better matched for record editors, as they have even more details on the record as a simple visitor and also counting words is unimportant. Take a PDF documents as an instance. What you view as message could in fact be some sort of vector visuals form. Also if the message is had thus in the PDF documents, those words you see could be made up of numerous "draw message at placement (y, x) " - regulates - - as an example in instance of umlauts or end of line. So a solitary word could count as numerous words. Consequently I assume it could be tough to implement such an attribute accurately. Look at pdftotext to see what I suggest.
2019-12-03 05:04:37

You can do this using command line :

pdftotext filename.pdf - | tr -d '.' | wc -w
2019-12-03 04:51:27

How around a fast celebration manuscript calling for zenity and also evince. When called without an argument, it'll offer you a discussion box so you can pick a documents. When called with an argument (or after claimed discussion box), it'll both open the documents in evince and also offer you a discussion box with a word matter.

To put it simply, replicate the adhering to right into a message documents, called or something, wait someplace in your course (as an example, ~/bin/), make it executable (either via Nautilus is appropriate click and also buildings or with chmod +x ~/bin/,

if [ "$#" -gt "0" ] ; then
    filename="$(zenity --file-selection)"
evince "$filename" &
zenity --info --text "This PDF has $(pdftotext "$filename" - | tr -d '.' | wc -w) words"
exit 0

Now, appropriate click some on some PDF in nautilus, pick "Open with ..." and afterwards have it open with evince - word - Currently, when you open a PDF, it'll both open in evince, and also offer you a word matter.

2019-12-03 04:43:24

I do not think that is feasible (well it is practically feasible yet hasn't been applied).

You need to bear in mind Evince is a record visitor and also a word matter is an attribute extra generally called for in an editor (yes I recognize this isn't constantly the instance).

You could such as to contact the Evince developers and also ask if they would certainly have any kind of passion in applying this attribute.

2019-12-03 04:32:51