How to create an individual branch in Launchpad?

I'm aiding in a task on Launchpad - nonetheless I do not have write accessibility to that branch. Just how can I create a branch which I can push to and also factor individuals on the group for testimonial?

2019-12-02 03:03:08
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Starting in the folder a degree up from the branch :

bzr branch originalBranchName newBranchName
cd newBranchName

Make some adjustments to the documents. If you add any kind of new files/folders :

bzr add

Once you are done :

bzr commit -m "Description of changes"

And push to your very own Launchpad branch :

bzr push lp:~lpusername/projectname/branchname
2019-12-03 04:58:18

You can push a branch under your very own name, as an example bzr push lp:~ajmitch/ubuntuwire-website/update-machine-list to push a branch to the ubuntuwire - internet site task which is called upgrade - equipment - checklist

2019-12-03 04:58:12

Go to the task web page that you intend to create a branch for and also click 'Submit Code'.

Then set up the branch. See to it it is organized in Launchpad.

You can after that push to the branch :

bzr push lp:branch

The very first time you push, you will certainly require to make use of :

bzr push lp:branch --use-existing-dir

Once you prepare to combine, click 'Propose for combining' on the 'Code' tab of the task.

It will certainly after that wait to be assessed by a person with the essential approvals.

As soon as the testimonial has actually begun, you will certainly see something similar to this in the 'Code' tab :

You can follow this link to the testimonial web page.

Once the customer is completely satisfied, they will certainly combine the branches and also your code will certainly enter into the task is trunk.

2019-12-03 04:57:50