Touchpad Mouse Sensitivity

I am not exactly sure if its only me or somebody else has actually experienced this too. I relocated to Ubuntu from home windows and also every little thing is shaking other than the touchpad computer mouse level of sensitivity. I have actually attempted maintaining it to a reduced degree yet its still extremely fast. Just how do I make is cross the screen similar to home windows.

2019-12-02 03:03:33
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Go to System > Preferences > Mouse. You need to see an area called "Pointer Speed, " with 2 sliders that set the velocity and also level of sensitivity of the reminder. It is the 3rd vibrant area heading in the screenshot listed below. Level of sensitivity regulates the total rate of the reminder, which is possibly what you are seeking. Velocity stands for an increase in reminder rate with time, which is excellent to increase if you locate that it takes a fairly long period of time to relocate the reminder from one end or side of the screen to an additional. The adjustments made with these sliders need to use as quickly as you release the left computer mouse switch.

2019-12-03 04:46:16