No New Mail Sound 10.6.7

This concern has actually been taking place and also off for several years. I still do not continually get the new mail sound when new mail gets here.

Occasionally it takes place, a lot of the moment, never ever.


2019-12-02 03:03:47
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Since you state this has actually been taking place for several years, this is most likely pertaining to a historical bug in and also bring mail with IMAP. Attempt the guidelines here and also see if it aids :

In Mail, open Preferences and also most likely to Accounts" Advanced in all your mail accounts and also switch off the Use IDLE command attribute. Next, most likely to the General area of Preferences, and also set Check for New Mail to Every min - - you can set a much longer interval if you desire, as long as you do not set it to Manual.

Currently your mail signals need to bet every inbound message, yet you will certainly see your messages approximately one min behind you would certainly with the IDLE device.

2019-12-03 04:56:33