How can I disable Bluetooth A2DP accounts on the iPhone 4?

Straightforward inquiry : I would certainly such as to disable the A2DP account for either (a) details tools coupled with the iPhone or (b) the account totally from the phone. Just how can I disabled the A2DP accounts? There made use of to be a program called Bluetooth Profile Selector for jailbroken apples iphone. Nonetheless, it quit working after 4.3.1.

Below is the thorough circumstance on why :
I have a stereo in my auto that approves a USB adapter. This is just how my iPhone is attached and also plays songs via. In this manner the audio top quality is immaculate, I can see the track details and also regulate my iPhone from the headunit, and also it bills my iPhone.

The headunit additionally sets using Bluetooth for hands - free calls. Nonetheless, due to the fact that the iPhone sustains A2DP, this is just how it sets to the headunit. I can do hands - free calling simply great, nonetheless it mess up the audio originating from the dock adapter. Primarily, the iPhone will certainly begin playing songs using the dock adapter till it vehicle - couple with the headunit. Now, the iPhone instantly transforms the result method to the Bluetooth link. By hand transforming this back over to the dock adapter each and every single time is not something I desire to manage.

2019-12-02 03:04:00
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The application you are describing has a hand-operated process you can attempt, yet it is except the pale of heart :

Howto disable A2DP on the iPhone

The intriguing directory site is/ var/mobile/Library/ Preferences, where the iPhone shops the BlueTooth setups. These setups are saved in the PLIST layout, so you require a PLIST editor (Mac or COMPUTER) or you require to transform them by hand. Transfer the to your computer system or you can make use of iFile to modify the documents on your iPhone straight.

Open the in your PLIST editor and also see to it you modify the A2DPService area and also store the tools you do not intend to make use of A2DP in the UnauthorizeList (without the letter "d"). This dictionary will possibly not exist yet, so you require to add it by hand. You require to recognize the MAC address, yet it is possibly detailed currently in this documents.

    <key>00:10:60:D0:91:D0</key>        <!-- This is the MAC address -->
    <date>2009-08-08T01:00:00Z</date>   <!-- Timestamp -->

Transfer the PLIST documents back to your iPhone and also reboot the tool. Once it comes back on, after that the A2DP solution need to be impaired.

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