Cloning (matching) laptop computer display to location of exterior screen display

I'm making use of Maverick "10.10 " Meercat on a HP Pavilion tx2110. This equipment has an NVidia Go6150 graphics card, and also sporting activities a 1280x800 display. I have an exterior display which can do 1280x1024 resolution. FWIW I'm making use of openbox as my window supervisor ; as I recognize it this should not be a variable.

I would certainly such as to clone the display to the display, to make sure that the dimension of the desktop computer continues to be at 1280x800, and also there is a straight empty location on the exterior display. I.E. I intend to stay clear of needing to pan the display of the desktop computer on either display. So the real resolution of the display would certainly be 1280x1024, yet the resolution of the area of the display where things was in fact being presented would certainly be 1280x800.

Making use of the nvidia - setups applet, I have the ability to set up the duplicated display to make sure that the desktop computer dimension is 1280x1024 (the resolution of the exterior display), yet can not locate a means to rather have the desktop computer dimension remain at the resolution of the laptop computer is constructed - in display.

Is this possible? Preferably I would certainly such as the exterior display is empty location to be on top of the screen, i.e. for it to straighten the display with all-time low of the screen.

2019-12-02 03:04:13
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Your display more than likely does not sustain that resolution, otherwise the nVidia setups supervisor would certainly have permitted you to make use of that resolution. However you might not have the ability to attain what you are seeking.

You can do it if there were some personalized alternative readily available from the vehicle drivers, yet neither the open - resource neither exclusive vehicle drivers have this attribute.

2019-12-03 04:33:41