Componentheading and also contentpagetitle joomla

If have a trouble with the componentheading and also the contentpagetitle.

I obtained a sectionblog for my write-ups. The title of the web page is a componentheading. The title of the write-ups (introductory) is a contentpagetitle.

If I click the title of a write-up, I can see the whole write-up. The title of the web page is currently the title of the write-up (contentpagetitle), which is excellent.

The trouble is, this title currently requires the very same format as the componentheading. Yet if I do this, the titles of the write-ups additionally get this format in the sectionblog

How can I see to it I obtained 2 various designs, or the contentpagetitle adjustments in a componentheading while considering the complete write-up?

I you do not uderstand what I'm claiming simply most likely to, and also click the first title 'Realisatie'. The complete write-up opens up and also the title 'Realisatie' need to be underscored currently.

Or this is additionally proper : if a write-up is the only write-up on a web page the title should get an additional format


2019-12-02 03:04:25
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This is the solution :

You can do this by being extra details with the CSS selector -

This one will relate to every one of the titles, make this set the one for the major heading with the underscore -

h2.contentheadingrealisaties{border-bottom: 1px solid #333}

Then utilize this to select the write-up titles in a listing :

.leadingrealisaties h2.contentheadingrealisaties{border:0;}

Obviously you will certainly require to include the remainder of the CSS, yet this will certainly get you began.

2019-12-03 00:24:12