Which mantises take off?

I've seen that when I loot mantis legs off of some mantises they take off. Others (most in the marsh, actually) do not. Which mantises take off upon you robbery their legs, and also why is it various?


Going via Vault 22 once more, this moment as a reward - 2 - footwear for the NCR. What I've located is that not just do the Vault 22 mantises take off upon me robbery their legs, yet I additionally appear to get 20XP each time I do so. I still have actually not obtained a mantis to take off after robbery it anywhere yet Vault 22, so I'm starting to assume this is simply a Vault 22 point. Can any person validate or refute?

2019-12-02 03:04:31
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This solution is rather plainly not what John was seeking, yet I'm mosting likely to leave it up, due to the fact that it is an excellent justification to upload Pushy.gif.

I'm rather sure this is simply an arbitrarily created fatality computer animation from excellent ol' Havok., made to exasperate you and also wreck your loot.

See additionally : Pushy.gif

2019-12-03 04:58:31

I saw that concern also, and also I think (yet have actually not returned to eliminate adequate mantises in various other locations to validate), that the concern is the amount of legs they carry the remains - -

If you are just getting rid of one leg, no surge ... if you are getting rid of 2, after that you get the spray of whatever it is.

upgrade : my concept was incorrect, yet I'm not removing this, so there is a document that this is not the proper solution.

2019-12-03 02:02:43