Enable keyboard media keys

I have among those expensive key-boards with the added media keys. For several years, I essentially overlooked them. After that my job obtained my a MacBook, and also behold, I obtained ruined. Currently I desire them to function when I'm utilizing my desktop computer, also. (ubuntu 10.04 making use of XFCE)

So, just how do I do that? I'm most curious about the play/pause switch and also the quantity control switches. I recognize just how to set them to an application, yet I do not recognize what the command for 'transform quantity up' or 'stop poltergeist'.

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Note : I do not make use of xubuntu. I attempted mounting it, yet located that including xfce to ubuntu functioned far better me than xububtu did. (This took place back in the springtime, and also I do not bear in mind especially what my concerns were)

2019-12-02 03:04:41
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Menu - > System - > Preferences - > Keyboard Shortcuts (in gnome)

For xfce I located this :

GNOME straight quizs X11 for its media keys sustain, so you do not require to by hand configure it. Nonetheless, Xfce does not, and also you'll need to by hand get the keycodes and also set the symlinks. This is in fact sort of straightforward if you recognize just how to do it. Below is just how :


2019-12-03 04:56:46