My MacBook no more attaches to my iMac using screen sharing

I have an iMac and also a MacBook running Snow Leopard.

I made use of to connect from my MacBook to my iMac consistently with screen sharing. Has actually functioned wonderful for over a year.

I lately obtained my disk drive in my iMac updated (from 250GB to 1TB), regarding I recognize the professional in some way "cloned" the drive, yet I actually have no suggestion what the procedure is. All I recognize is the iMac functions specifically as it did in the past, it currently has a larger drive, other than that screen sharing no more functions.

There were 2 "admin" accounts on the iMac. "rob" and also "user" (customer was developed by the professional throughout the disk drive upgrade.

When I connect using screen sharing with "rob/correctpassword" it claims something like "connect failing, can not validate password". As a job around I would certainly attempt "user/blankpassword", very same mistake, after that attempt once more with "rob/correctpassword" and also it would certainly function. I needed to do this very same point every single time to connect. Rob - fall short, User - fall short, Rob - success.

At some point I removed the "user" account due to the fact that I never ever utilized it, and also currently I can never ever connect as "rob". Screen sharing gets on, and also like I claimed, this constantly functioned in the past, yet there is a verification mistake every single time.

Does any person have suggestions what is incorrect, or pointers for just how to repair this?

2019-12-02 03:04:54
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I have a the same set - approximately you and also Screenshare regularly. Below is what I've uncovered that can stop Screensharing working (I need to reboot my router to deal with these concerns)

(1) If I can see my iMac from my MacBook under the Shared tab (on the MacBook) and also the tool is recognized as 'iMac', after that Screensharing jobs. If the iMac turns up as 'imac' after that Screensharing does not function. (Server address is afp :// iMac.local when I examine under Finder > Go > Connect to server when every little thing is functioning)

I've simply thought there is a bug in the Linksys router that periodically creates the trouble, and also I intend a fast reboot dealing with the trouble is less complicated that uncovering the actual reason and also repairing it finally.

I need to add that also when I can not Screenshare both the MacBook and also iMac remain to have net accessibility : it is simply that they can not talk with each various other, which seems like a tool table trouble in the router to me.

I make use of the very same solution if I try to Connect to the iMac by double clicking iMac under Shared on the MacBook, and afterwards clicking the Connect switch. If the router is functioning after that I get the Connect consent dialog right into which I placed the login name and also password for the iMac. If the router does not intend to connect me, I reboot the sorrowful point and also away we go.

You might have your accounts and also passwords messed up. If you are the admin and also you can login without a password, after that the Connect dialog can be replied to with simply your login name. Take another look at the Account arrangement in System Preferences.

Sorry this is a little bit rambling. it is late below and also I'm weary! Best of good luck

2019-12-03 05:01:28

Things that have actually aided me with separating the failing and also at some point obtaining screen sharing functioning once more :

  1. separate the network - switch off WiFi and also connect both equipments with one ethernet wire. This removes ports (apart from inner firewall programs), DNS, and also network concerns from mis - transmitting the website traffic.

  2. Switch off screen sharing and also remote monitoring and also set it up once more transforming the password to ensure the new password and also sharing approvals are set for all customers or your details customer.

  3. See the visit console application - the bonjour daemons, screen sharing daemons and also network mistakes are all logged so you could get an idea if a program is having troubles accessing a keychain or various other concern
  4. Add in a new customer to separate the wanted customer is choices and also documents - maybe something corrupt in the wanted customer and also you will not capture that unless you make a new account to separate that possible reason.
2019-12-03 04:55:30