Will there be an acquired with upstream GNOME 3.0?

I intend to ask if we are gon na see a variation of Ubuntu such as Kubuntu as an example yet with GNOME covering and also not with Unity? A variation called something like Gubuntu. Many thanks beforehand for your solutions

2019-12-02 03:05:15
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Such a release is feasible although I assume you suggest with Gnome shell or the "Gnome customer experience" which is additionally called the Gnome OS as pressed on future variations of Fedora and also SuSE.

There possibly will not be a Canonical spent for release, yet the area is a lot larger than Canonical anyhow so it has to do with obtaining with each other all the appropriate individuals to do it.

I assume as quickly as there is a set of committed individuals around Gnome Shell et cetera of the UX, there will certainly be an Ubuntu spin on it. I would certainly call an excellent release by 12.04 given that Gnome Shell is additionally still in the procedure of being made.

Would certainly you such as to be entailed? See the derivatives group for additional information :


Packaging will certainly continue the gnome shell items to make sure that the desktop computer is readily available regularly, I think there are ppas.


2019-12-03 04:37:31