Does Google make use of Google Analytics details in its search formulas?

Does any person recognize whether Google takes advantage of the details it gets using Google analytics in position of search engine result?

Does it, as an example, take advantage of the bounce price for a web page offered a particular search term? If you have a high bounce price (details Google would certainly not have had the ability to get without Analytics), would certainly this adversely influence your position?

This is specifically pertinent to me, given that I'm running an internet application that has just one major web page. Consequently, customers could remain on that web page for a long period of time, yet the bounce price will certainly constantly be close to 100% - that is not something I'm able (or eager) to transform.

2019-12-02 03:05:39
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I very question it. Given that not just can statistics be forged and also adjusted conveniently with crawlers yet given that just a tiny percent of internet sites in fact make use of Google Analytics it suggests they would certainly have an insufficient set of information. Websites that do not utilize it and also are doing inadequately would have a benefit of websites that do utilize it and also do inadequately given that Google would just recognize that the website making use of GA is in fact doing inadequately.

Remember that this does not suggest that Google does not mine that information to pick up from it. I make certain they utilize it aid them identify just how customers are making use of internet sites which aids them improve their algorithm and also I'm certain they utilize it to aid boost their advertisement networks.

2019-12-03 04:40:51

Here's Matt Cutts on the Google Webmaster Help YouTube network.

"And the one word solution was : no."

2019-12-03 04:37:49