Reinstall with existing/ residence LUKS

My 10.04 equipment makes use of 3 dividings : 5 GB for /boot, 25 GB for / and also 120 GB for /home. / and also /home are secured with LUKS passphrase.

I've downloaded and install the alternative installer in order to re-install the equipment. I desire my / dividing to be revised, yet to maintain my existing /home.

Any kind of means to inform the installer my /home currently exists in a different LUKS dividing?

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2019-12-02 03:05:41
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What I would certainly do is to re-install making use of /boot and also / and also leave the /home dividing alone throughout the install. As soon as you have actually mounted you can install cryptsetup, set up your dividing in /etc/crypttab and also /etc/fstab and also you'll be away. I'll think you have an encrypted swap For the information, as soon as you have actually mounted and also restarted, open an incurable and also :

sudo apt-get install cryptsetup
cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda6 crypthome
cd /
mount -t ext4 /dev/mapper/crypthome /home

Edit the dividing information and also documents system type as called for. Currently you can surf /home and also guarantee it is what you anticipate. After that you require to place the adhering to in /etc/crypttab

crypthome /dev/sda6 none         luks
cryptswap /dev/sda7 /dev/urandom swap

And in /etc/fstab you require to add these lines throughout

/dev/mapper/crypthome  /home  ext4  defaults  0  2
/dev/mapper/cryptswap  none   swap  sw        0  0

Do a reboot to examine all of it jobs as anticipated and also you are away

2019-12-03 04:56:59