Moving from Windows to Ubuntu. What programs to make use of?

Maby my inquiry is not connected to this discussion forum, yet I intend to ask. I intend to transform my OS from Windows XP to Ubuntu 10.6. Yet I such as some programs in Windows, so exists a GOOD programs in Linux (Ubuntu) to transform this checklist of programs? And also I'll be apprishiated for some web links where I can download and install GOOD software program for Linux. I require such programs, that I can open their documents in Windows OS setting. As an example :. doc,. jpeg,. png,. gif,. txt and also others. Thanx!

Music gamers : Aimp Winamp Sound build

Kodecks for video clip, audio etc

Microsoft Office 2003, Vizio, WinRAR, Adobe viewers, Dejavju viewers, Fine Reader, Adobe Photoshop, Paint, Nero, Alcohol 120%, DiamonTools, Far, Total Commander, Dreamveawer, Visual Studio 2005, Denwer

Messangers : QiP, ICQ, Skype

Browsers : Opera, Mozila

Antiviruses!! NOD32, Avast, Kaspersky?

Translators : Lingvo 12, Pragma

BitTorrent, Download Master.

2019-12-02 03:05:47
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You would certainly have the ability to open the . doc,. jpeg,. png,. gif,. txt layouts out of package with no added initiative. After you end up mounting ubuntu on your computer system you simply need to run one command to get all the sound, video codecs and also java, and also flash.

Microsoft Office 2003, WinRAR, Adobe viewers, Adobe Photoshop, Paint, Nero, Dreamveawer, Nero there are choices for these software programs yet you can install them under a software program called Wine.

Nero has an indigenous linux variation.

Messangers : QiP, ICQ, Skype Skype jobs nativaly and also ICQ and also Qip conversation would certainly be readily available under compassion messanger whick is default messanger of ubuntu.

Browsers : Opera, Mozila Both of these internet browsers and also Google chrome additionally function natively

for bittorrent you can make use of transmission which appears of package in ubuntu or Deluge which has utorrent like User user interface.

Some web links to download and install software programs

There is an ubuntu software program centre in ubuntu similar to Iphone appstore, yet mostly all the software program there are free and also as you are a new customer you would certainly locate a lot of the sofware that you require in the software program centre, so you do not require any kind of web links download and install software program.

PS. I assume I have actually offered you adequate factors to switch over right into ubuntu

2019-12-03 04:51:38

First of all, welcome to Ubuntu! : -)

So, all the software program you stated in your checklist have an equal in Linux. I actually recommend you hang around reviewing among these web links I supply you listed below :

I'm certain you will certainly have wonderful pointers in addition to those checklists. It existed that I picked to make use of the adhering to matchings :

  • gimp for photos (. jpeg,. png,. gif)
  • for create and also adjust Microsoft Office docs
  • Telepathy for Messangers (QiP, ICQ, Msn, etc) with Skype readily available
  • Mozila Firefox changing Iternet Explorer

For all various other software program you have an equal in Ubuntu, and also you can conveniently look and also install making use of the device Ubuntu Software Center, see a screenshot listed below (from wikipedia) :

2019-12-03 04:51:22

First off, you should not require to download and install applications from the internet (at the very least a lot of the moment) as the Ubuntu Software Centre, located under the Applications tab in the upper left of the screen, has a lot of the applications you will certainly require on Ubuntu, all absolutely free. The Software Centre is separated right into groups (Office, Web, Programming, etc) and also all you need to do to install software program from it is to strike the 'install' switch and also enter you customer password, and also you are ready.

Currently, onto details applications.

Aesthetic Studio : If you are intending on doing growth on Linux, you might intend to look into the approved response to this question on Stack Overflow. The default full-screen editor on Ubuntu has actually constructed in assistance for syntax highlighting of a wonderful several languages and also can have it is capability increased with plugins (most of which some preinstalled). If you are seeking an IDE for a certain language, after that simply look for that language in the Software Centre (you possibly do not require to include 'IDE').

Nero : Fluendo is readily available from the Software Centre for $25 under the lately presented 'for acquisition' group.

Adobe Reader : Ubuntu has actually a constructed in pdf visitor called Evince.

Alcohol 120% : Ubuntu has a DVD heater called Brasero, though I'm not exactly sure just how it contrasts to Alcohol in regards to attributes.

WinRAR : Ubuntu has actually a constructed in archive take care of that can and.tar.gz. Though if you intend to make use of WinRAR, I assume there is a Linux variation readily available.

Complete Commander : Nautilus is Ubuntu is window supervisor. Experiment with it and also see if it has the attributes you make use of in Total Commander.

Much : Nautilus and also Archive Manager, stated as feasible choices in other places in this checklist, might have the ability to change this, though I've never ever run into Far prior to so I can not claim without a doubt.

Vizio : I assume Dia, located in the Software Centre, is what you desire there, though I've not made use of Vizio so I could not claim just how it contrasts.

Adobe Photoshop : The Gimp, readily available from the Software Centre, is the bext bitmap editor readily available on Linux, and also Inkscape is readily available if you intend to do some vector editing and enhancing.

Microsoft Office : Open Office is the key choice to MS Office and also is preinstalled in Ubuntu.

BitTorrent : Transmission is the gush customer preinstalled in Ubuntu

Security : ClamAV is an excellent anti - infection program, not preinstalled yet located in the Software Centre. The Ubuntu firewall program is excellent therefore you will not require a 3rd party program.

Browsers : Firefox comes preinstalled on Ubuntu

Messengers : Empathy is the preinstalled IM/IRC customer on Ubuntu. It sustains a variety of solutions consisting of MSN, Gtalk and also Facebook Chat.

Songs gamers : Rhythmbox is preinstalled on Ubuntu, although I directly make use of Banshee (readily available from the Software Centre) as a result of the raised capability. If you are made use of to WinAmp, after that you could such as to examine that out.

Codecs : There are couple of preinstalled codecs on Ubuntu, yet assistance for virtually all AV filetypes is readily available from the Software Centre. Simply look for 'Gstreamer' and also you'll get a checklist of codecs that give the assistance for a plethora of layouts. Examine them out and also install the ones you desire.

. txt documents can be opened up in Ubuntu is default full-screen editor, Gedit, and also the numerous photos layouts can be opened up in the default photo visitor.

I've done what I can below, though you are mosting likely to need to discharge up Ubuntu and also experiment with it and also see what it provides for you. Bear in mind, simply look the Software Centre and also see what you find.

2019-12-03 04:50:47

Musical gamers : Aimp Winamp Sound build VLC, Banshee, Rhythmbox, also Winamp itself (making use of playonlinux) ; all readily available in the software program facility.

Codecs for video clip, audio etc - if you pick install bonus throughout your install * (radical, 10.10, and also later on) you do not need to install these. To ensure, install ubuntu - limited - addons and also - bonus (making use of software program facility, or synaptic).

Microsoft Office 2003, Open Office functions great with documents from Office 2003, yet if you are actually actually seeking the specific point, usage PlayOnLinux to offer you a very easy install. (It remains in the ubuntu - software program facility)

Vizio,. Attempt Dia.

WinRAR,. As long as you install rar and also unrar, you will certainly get assistance for rar documents in Archive Manager that features ubuntu.

Adobe viewers,. Ubuntu can open PDF is by default, and also you can additionally install Adobe Reader if you enable the companion repo in software program facility.

Dejavju viewers,. Remains in software program facility.

Great Reader,. Not exactly sure what that is.

Adobe Photoshop,. Attempt GIMP (in software program facility), or GIMPShop.

Repaint,. Attempt Pinta.

Nero Ubuntu features Brasero, yet you can additionally attempt K3B (software program facility). Alcohol 120% There are numerous applications in the software program facility that do the very same work, yet brasero can create iso documents, so primarily you can utilize it to backup CD/DVD media.

DiamonTools,. GMountIso, AcetoneISO, etc\

Far,. Not exactly sure what that is

Total Commander,. Nautilus need to be effective sufficient.

Dreamveawer, Visual Studio 2005, Denwer Bluefish, Monodevelop, not exactly sure what the 3rd is, yet there are several choices in software program facility.

Messangers : QiP, ICQ, Skype Empathy, Pidgin, Skype. See the software program facility :D.

Browsers : Opera, Mozila Firefox is consisted of, Opera is readily available for ubuntu.

Anti-viruses !! NOD32, Avast, Kaspersky? Ubuntu does not actually require an anti-virus program, yet you coudld make use of a firewall program customer - user interface such as Guard Dog or Gufw, to add some regulations to the constructed in firewall program.

Translators : Lingvo 12, Pragma There are some translation applications in the software program facility, yet this is not an area I can expand on much.

2019-12-03 04:49:47

Musical gamers : Personally I make use of Banshee, yet it is extra iTunes like than winamp. There is a great deal of various gamers around, like Guayadeque, Clementine, Amarok and also Rhythmbox (which is packed with Ubuntu). Possibly you would love to look into DeaDBeeF.

Kodecks : If you install the ubuntu-restricted-extras plan, you need to have all right stuff you require, consisting of flash and also java.

The applications i recognize of :

Microsoft Office 2003 : is packed with Ubuntu.

WinRAR : Already existing. Rar documents can be opened up by mounting the plan rar.

Adobe viewers : Replacement is currently there, though you can install Adobe Reader also. I such as the default much better however.

Dejavju viewers : Install libdjvulibre21 to make the record opener assistance djvu documents.

Adobe Photoshop : GIMP.

Repaint : I make use of GIMP for the most, it is not as slow-moving as PS. You can experiment with Pinta though.

Nero : Brasero is packed.

Alcohol 120% : Mounting is sustained by default. For advanced things you can experiment with acetoneiso or gisomount.

Complete Commander : I make use of FileZilla for FTP.

Dreamveawer : Bluefish is an excellent wager.

Visual Studio 2005 : See this thread.

Messangers : Empathy is mounted by default. An additional excellent multi - method carrier is Pidgin. Skype can be mounted from the software program facility.

Internet browsers : All of them are readily available indigenous.

Antiviruses : You can install ClamAv, yet it is just identifying windows infections. You actually do not require anti-viruses on linux (among the wonderful benefits).

Translators : I do not actually recognize anything below.

BitTorrent : Transmission does the job for me. Or else there is Deluge and also a great deal of various other customers.

2019-12-03 04:49:33

When relocating from WindowsXP to Ubuntu/GNOME you will certainly locate that from the use of your desktop computer not significantly might have transformed. Still, you are currently on a really various OS. This requires some adjustment of assuming specifically when it involves applications and also just how to install them.

Unlike Windows you have actually not just mounted a modern-day os with Ubuntu yet far more : it is what we call a " circulation ". This suggests that mostly all valuable applications that are examined to run are currently consisted of yet probably not yet mounted on your COMPUTER from the installment CD.

Running Applications that are not given on CD is performed with a couple of computer mouse clicks just . There are numerous programs mounted that do this, yet you will certainly locate the Software Center where you can pick from a frustrating selection of examined, valuable and also primarily free software program an asset to start.

Downloading and install documents from various other net recources is hardly ever required. Actually it is inhibited due to the fact that those applications might not be examined, can create instabilities to your system and also can not be upgraded instantly (which is or else the instance).

Experiment with Ubuntu and also you will certainly quickly locate that assuming "the Ubuntu way" is what you have actually constantly missed out on in the past.

2019-12-03 04:12:12