MIUI ROM English Version for Samsung Galaxy S

MIUI ROM is readily available in Chinese for Samsung Galaxy S. (There is an english site too, yet it does not checklist Galaxy S) After the install, according to the docs, I get this on the screen :

MIUI ROM http://www.miui.com/static/article/zhinan_sus.jpg?1

Will I have the ability to transform the language to English and also remain to make use of the phone with no chinese communication or should I make use of a personalized mod?

2019-12-02 03:05:54
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The base MIUI is fairly shut resource and also nontransparent (there was some brouhaha on XDA concerning it) I'm certain. There are numerous spin - offs and/or AOSP merges in various languages on XDA.

These specify web links to existing MIUI ROMs (existing as at 29 Aug 2011)

However, I would certainly recommend you check the relevant device forum at XDA and also see what is around. Variations transform, ROMs reoccur, strings are closed/new ones opened up etc so both web links over might not be trusted with time

I have a HTC Desire : there were six MIUI ROMs for this a couple of months earlier. YMMV certainly

Edit :

Note additionally that ROM programmers are leaving XDA as a result of the sound and also foolish customers. Therefore the galtnet MIUI link (which I obtained from XDA). So you might locate much less details than you anticipate on XDA

You claimed MIUI yet I can advise Oxygen for the SGS2 (I utilize this on my Desire)

2019-12-03 04:38:20