E - Mail with add-ons (< 2,8 MEGABYTES) has a dimension of > 3,5 MEGABYTES in Entourage. Why?

I simply included 2 documents as an add-on to an e - mail in MS Entourage 2004.
In Finder, the documents have a dimension of 2,5 MEGABYTES specifically 205 kB.

When I send them as an e - mail, Entourage informs me that the sent out mail has a dimension of 3,5 MEGABYTES !

  • Why? Does this concern AppleDouble encoding?
  • Exists a means to stay clear of that increase in dimension?
2019-12-02 03:05:57
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This isn't an Apple or Entourage concern, this is regular practices that takes place when add-ons are inscribed to be sent out with e-mails - - inscribing the information to the email layout makes the add-ons about one - 3rd larger.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Apple filesystem.

There is no other way to stop this taking place. If documents dimension is a trouble, take into consideration posting to an FTP web server, or making use of a system like Box.net, YouSendIt, or DropBox to share the documents - - these approaches do not call for inscribing and also will certainly not increase the dimension.

2019-12-03 04:41:28

To better expand Anthony is solution (which is proper), bear in mind than when email was developed, it was planned to send message (ASCII chars). When the suggestion of sending out binary documents came true, the e - mail framework was currently in position and also functioning and also it would certainly have been also tough to transform it to sustain sending out binary information (plus it would certainly have included intricacy).

In order to address the trouble, the remedy was to MIME inscribe the documents (as appropriately aimed by @mark in the remarks).

As you can presume, this makes the dimension larger, yet permits the binary documents to be stood for in ASCII. Given that ASCII has just 128 chars (and also some are control chars!) due to the fact that it was 7 little bit, the 8 little bit variation, called Extended ASCII included an additional 128 chars to the mix (permitting accents and also a few other methods), yet that is simply an additional tale better clarified in Wikipedia and also plenty of websites concerning it

To create a straightforward example, visualize you need to stand for the whole alphabet making use of just vowels. You would certainly start developing mixes of the 5 letters you need to stand for the absent ones, so as an example the letter "B" would certainly need to be stood for as "AA" (simply an instance), after that C would certainly be "AAA", after that D can be "AE", etc

As you can see, I'm just making use of vowels, yet I require greater than 1 to stand for consonants. This is essentially in straightforward terms what MIME does. It makes use of typical ASCII chars to stand for a heck whole lot even more, hence the increase in dimension.

Hope this aids you recognize the process that takes place when Mail (or entourage) claims : "attaching". It is inscribing the documents

2019-12-03 01:14:09