Bad Aspect Ratio in Quicktime on Video from Camcorder

I'm attempting to utilize my Samsung HMX - H100N electronic camera, and also I'm having trouble with the documents.

When videotaping in 1080i/60, the video is severely interlaced (yes, I recognize it is an interlaced layout, yet it hurts to see and also it isn't on the electronic camera), and also video videotaped in 720p/60 is presented in a much bigger layout than the 16 :9 it was videotaped in.

If I open these documents in VLC media gamer, they both look great and also repeat efficiently. The concern appears to be Quicktime, and also, however, Final Cut.

Does any person have any kind of suggestions regarding what I can do, except transcoding these documents to an additional intermediate layout, to get these documents to display effectively in QuickTime/Final Cut?

2019-12-02 03:06:11
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You can make use of ClipWrap ($ 50) to rewrap your AVCHD video clips to a Quicktime/Final Cut suitable layout.

After that, deinterlace your video clips making use of JES Deinterlacer and also export them maintaining complete top quality (massive documents though).

So the operations is the adhering to :

  • Add video clips to ClipWrap, select as result the "Rewrap (do not modify video clip examples) " alternative and also conserve them to a new area.
  • Open JES Deinterlacer and also go down all video clips to input is "hot - box"
  • Select Project buildings :

    • For 1080p30 most likely to Project > Deinterlace > Top Field, Adaptive, Local
    • For 720p60 most likely to Project > Standards conversion > 1280x720 60p
  • Finally, most likely to Output > Export > QuickTime Movie

    • Settings > Compression Type > Apple ProRes 422 (LT)
    • and also export the video clip!

So, your video clips will certainly prepare to import them to Final Cut.

I wish that aided!

Modify :

If you intend to transcode the video clip documents, simply for watching them in Quicktime, after that you would certainly need to select H. 264 when exporting from JES Deinterlacer, than the Apple ProRes which appropriates for editing and enhancing.

2019-12-03 02:29:03