dd to ISO from disc drive makes unmountable/ unburnable photo?

I'm attempting to dd from a disc in my DVD drive on my MacBook to an ISO, yet the photo constantly winds up as unmountable and also unburnable. The disc is unmounted when I start the procedure.

I've made use of dd sometimes prior to - in OSX and also in numerous Linux distros - with no troubles. Am I doing glitch?

The syntax I'm making use of is dd if=/dev/disk1 of=~/Desktop/image.iso

2019-12-02 03:06:20
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With CDs and also DVDs on Mac OS X, the/ dev/diskN access appears to be the raw disc materials (i.e. it consists of points like media mistake improvement information). For imaging, you desire/ dev/diskNs0 (or occasionally/ dev/diskNs1 etc, specifically on a multisession disc). If the disc has a dividing table, the mountable quantities will in fact be as an example/ dev/diskNs1s2.

BTW, you can additionally create iso - design photos from the GUI with Disk Utility : select the session from Disk Utility is sidebar (keep in mind : the session will certainly be the thing straight under the disc drive in the sidebar ; if the disc has a dividing table, there quantity will certainly be detailed independently under that, and also it is not what you desire), after that most likely to the food selection and also select File > New > Image from. After that, select CD/DVD Master for the photo layout. It' l name the photo with a.cdr expansion, yet the layout coincides as a typical.iso photo.

2019-12-03 04:39:31