What is properly to re-install from resource after plan was mounted using proper?

I have a python plan formerly mounted using proper (by default). Currently I intend to install new variation and also compile it by hand from the resources with all the called for components.

Just how can I do that? I intend that

apt-get purge python

And after that install from resources is not feasible due to the fact that python have great deals of dependences and also will certainly uninstall every one of them in this instance.

What is properly to do that?

2019-12-02 03:06:29
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From your inquiry I might not have actually recognized what you depend on do. Please forgive me if I was incorrect. Regardless you do not intend to remove python as much of Ubuntu depends on it.

To install an upgraded application (created in python) from resource you more than likely do not require to compile it as it can be run in the python interpreter given with Ubuntu. When it involves dependences you might need to install them by hand : get in touch with the documentation that features your application.

In instance the program upgrade consists of a DEB documents you can execute the upgrade comfortably with your recommended plan supervisor.

2019-12-03 05:46:28

No, you do not actually require to remove your python installation, you simply need to make the Ubuntu default variation and also the resource assembled variation cohabit in harmony.

To attain that simply compile the resource in your house folder or, if you intend to install for all customers, customer an additional installation prefix (as an example/ usr/local/ as opposed to/ usr/)

Obviously just one python needs to be embeded in the system PATH (which need to be the default one ).

After that to run a python manuscript with the new variation (valuable if you intend to make use of python 3.0 while Ubuntu has actually 2.x mounted) simply type :

/usr/local/bin/python myscript.py

additionally you can create a symlink of the new python to/ usr/bin and also call it/ usr/bin/python30.

Hope this aids

2019-12-03 05:46:24

You'll intend to consider the command sudo apt-get build-dep python which will certainly install all the construct dependences, yet not the plan itself.

2019-12-03 04:45:20