Suggestions for Migrating from ASP.NET WebForms to ASP.NET MVC?

ASP.NET MVC has actually been discussed on this discussion forum a couple of times. I'm concerning to do a huge movement of numerous internet sites from timeless ASP/ASP. NET WebForms to ASP.NET MVC and also was questioning what sort of suggestions those of you with experience in both modern technologies have.

What I have : a regular ASP.NET application with greatly paired presentation/business reasoning, all type of unpleasant ASP.NET - created Javascript cruft, etc.

What I desire : tidy ASP.NET MVC - created agnostic markup. 'Nuff claimed.

Any kind of reminders, pointers, methods, or gotchas to be knowledgeable about?

Many thanks!

2019-12-02 03:06:49
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Wow, I'm not exactly sure we are chatting movement below any longer - the distinction is extra like re - writing!

As others have actually additionally claimed, MVC is an entire new means to construct internet applications - a lot of your discussion code will not lug across.

Nonetheless, if you are re - writing in MVC what you currently have is an excellent model. Your trouble is most likely to be that it would certainly be tough to do gradually - as an example MVC makes use of URL relabeling out - of - the - box, making connecting to and fro instead unpleasant.

An additional inquiry would certainly be why? Most of us have large stretching heritage applications that we would certainly such as to remain in the most up to date modern technologies, yet if your application is currently functioning why button?

If I was considering a new application now MVC would certainly be a really solid prospect, yet there is no gain huge adequate to switching over to it late in a task.

2019-12-03 04:41:55

My point of view is that both modern technologies are so various that if you have actually snugly paired code in the initial Web Form applications that the most effective strategy is to start by selecting among them and also transforming it by developing a new ASP.NET MVC application and also removing code right into their corresponding layers. Which will certainly place you on the route of reuse for porting the various other applications.

2019-12-03 04:41:47

Any reminders, pointers, methods, or gotchas to be knowledgeable about?

Well, I assume you are possibly a little means far from thinking of methods & gotchas As I'm certain you realize, ASP.NET MVC is not some new variation of ASP.NET, yet an entirely various standard from ASP.NET, you will not be moving, you'll be launching an all new growth initiative to change an existing system. So possibly you can get a boost on establishing needs for the application, yet the remainder will possibly re - constructed from square one.

Based upon the (really usual) troubles you defined in your existing code base you need to take into consideration taking this possibility to find out several of the existing ideal techniques in making freely paired systems. This is simple due to the fact that modern-day "best practices" are understandable and also very easy to exercise, and also there is substantial area assistance, and also excellent quality, open resource tooling to aid while doing so.

We are relocating an ASP/ASP. NET application to ASP.NET MVC right now too, and also this is the verdict my primary study has actually led me to, anyhow.

Here is a post to links on using ASP.NET MVC, yet I would certainly start by reading this post. The blog post has to do with NHibernate (an ORM device) on its surface area yet the conversation and also the links have to do with obtaining the structures right and also is the outcome of preparing to port an ASP.NET website to MVC. Several of the reference styles connected to because blog post are based upon ASP.NET MVC. Here is another post about NHibernate, yet in the "Best Practices & Reference Applications" area most otherwise every one of the reference applications detailed are ASP.NET MVC applications additionally. Reference styles can be exceptionally valuable for promptly obtaining a sensation for just how an optimum, maintainable ASP.NET MVC website could be made.

2019-12-03 04:41:23