Is there anything that can show specifically what has awaken my phone?

Lately I had some concerns with my phones battery obtaining drained pipes in 8 - 10 hrs, despite the fact that the screen was energetic for much less than 1 hr and also wifi/bluetooth/gps was off.

My first idea was to examine the battery use data, yet all I saw was the display screen, voice telephone calls and also cell standby, and also afterwards a couple of applications that I generally make use of (such as the internet browser).

Still believing an application having all to oneself the CPU I made use of applications such as a job supervisor and also guard dog to search for the wrongdoer, yet no good luck. I after that checked out below and also located a number of solutions referencing to the conscious time. Considering battery use once more I can see that without a doubt the conscious time was around 75% of the complete time given that last cost, i.e. some application was stopping my phone from going to rest. I uninstalled a number of applications I do not make use of any longer and also decreased setups for email checks etc, and also currently my conscious time is to regular degrees.

My inquiry is, exists any kind of app/secret number/trick/whatever that can show specifically what has awaken my phone? In the battery use data I can still see that occasionally the phone awakens despite the fact that the screen is off, which is regular, yet if I ever before get this trouble once more (and also I'm certain I will certainly), this would certainly be a really beneficial device for problem capturing.

2019-12-02 03:07:10
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I'm making use of Better Battery Stats. It will certainly reveals what applications are creating wake locks which seems like what you desire.

2019-12-03 04:42:53