How do I create a computerized construct apply for VB.Net in NAnt?

I have actually taken control of the growth of an internet application that is targeted at 1.0 structure and also is created in C# and also Visual Basic.

I determined that the first point we require to do is improve the construct procedure, I created construct apply for the C# tasks, yet am having lots of troubles developing a construct apply for Visual Basic.

Unquestionably, I do not directly recognize VB, yet it feels like I need to hardcode all the imports and also referrals in my construct documents to get anything to function ...absolutely not the most effective means to be doing points ...

For any kind of instance : if I do not include the namespace System in the construct documents I will get numerous mistakes of usual Unkown Types e.g : Guid

does NAnt commonly need this for VB code or is does the VB code require a feasible NAnt - freindly refactoring?

Does any person have VB NAnt pointers?

2019-12-02 03:07:24
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I'm not exactly sure, if you speak about VB or VB.Net.
Either means, look at Nant Contrib. Possibly they have a remedy.

2019-12-03 04:17:26