Is it secure to resize my swap dividing on a manufacturing system?

I have a laptop computer with 4GB RAM, yet when I first set it up, I had no strategies to hibernate so I offered it 2GB swap. I do not intend to make use of a swap documents, so is it secure to resize the swap dividing (and also certainly the major ext4 dividing)?

2019-12-02 03:07:36
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Yeah, that need to be simply great. Swap room is made use of when the system has way too many applications going to hold every one of their information in memory ; it is an attribute of the paging/virtual memory system. If you shut down the equipment effectively prior to repartitioning, there should not be any kind of information in the swap room and also you need to have the ability to expand it securely.

2019-12-03 04:56:04

The trouble you will certainly run into is that if you attempt to resize a dividing it possibly will not function as you are presently utilizing it. In the computer system lingo we claims the dividing is "mounted", mirroring the reality that you can surf it and also accessibility its information.

So what you intend to do is boot from a Live CD or USB and also make use of the disk dividing supervisor to resize your "home" dividing as an example. As you would certainly have begun the computer system from the Live tool, your actual residence dividing would certainly not be "mounted", and also thus you can modify it.

Though, most of the times you will not have troubles resizing a dividing you need to constantly execute a full backup of your information on your computer system. And also on top of that, you need to examine the adhering to, it will certainly aid staying clear of trouble :

  • as you have a laptop, check that your battery is totally billed which the power line is connected in. So you are lowering the threat of power failing throughout the resizing procedure
  • you need to examine the dividing for mistakes and also remedy them prior to resizing. You can examine the Ubuntu wiki for fsck, or you can make use of the command sudo fsck -y /dev/sda<n> changing by the correct dividing number. I suggest you to do that from the Live CD/USB also.
  • as you intend to lower a dividing of 2GB, you need to validate first that you have greater than 2GB free on this dividing.
  • ultimately it is excellent technique to stay clear of having a documents system also complete (greater than 80 or 90 %) as this aids maintaining documents fragmentation reduced. You need to realize that documents fragmentation can raise the moment and also intricacy essential to resize a dividing.

Yet do not hesitate, it is practical. I've done on a manufacturing growth web server at the workplace. And also every little thing functioned penalty.

2019-12-03 04:48:09