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I've constantly asked yourself if the bandwidth ranking of a switch is per port, or complete ability? As an example, if I have PC1 and also PC2 that can saturating a 100 Megabytes link linked into a 10/ 100 switch, if I add PC3 and also PC4 to the very same switch and also start moving documents from PC1 to PC2 and also from PC3 to PC4 - will both collections of COMPUTER is have 100 Megabytes to make use of?

2019-12-02 03:07:44
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The 100Mbps rate of a switch port describes limit one - means line rate of the port.

If you have 2 PCs on the switch and also they are attached at 100Mbps complete - duplex, you in fact have 200Mbps of bandwidth in between them - 100Mbps from A to B, and also 100Mbps from B to A. (Some switch/NIC suppliers capitalize on this on the product packaging - do not be misleaded!)

Buttons are additionally restricted on the backplane - they can commonly take care of approximately a particular quantity of bandwidth in regards to Mbps along with a maximum variety of PPS (packages per secondly).

A lot of the moment, you do not require to bother with saturating the backplane - you will not.

In your instance, the website traffic you are creating from PC1 to PC2 will certainly address max 100Mbps and also the website traffic from PC3 to PC4 will certainly address max 100Mbps - they will not hinder each various other.

2019-12-03 04:49:05